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Blockhain Enabling e-Governance. The Story of Indian States!

While we await the impending decision of the Gov & RBI on regularizing the bitcoin (Click for full story), it is time to share some of the exciting stuff going around blockchain in India. For a change, we are now seeing a very healthy collaboration developing between a few state government IT team and the blockchain startups to enable quicker & effective adoption of blockchain in a specified set of use case.

So, what are the new developments (some key excerpts from public domain)?

  1. Telangana government (a state in India) has gone ahead with a pilot program in parts of Hyderabad to leverage BCT for land registration & integration with the state revenue department. C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Technology) is assisting them in the same
  2. Similarly, the Andhra Pradesh government has started to set up an R&D center for cryptocurrency in association with Microsoft and ISI (Indian Statistical Institute)
  3. Startups like Zebpay have had discussions with the Gujarat government as well on BCT
  4. The retail major Future Group, has launched the Future Consumer & Digital (C&D) lab at Bengaluru with 100 crore investment. This lab will bring together blockchain technology companies working on innovations, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, Internet of Things, robotics and allied technologies. The lab will provide these companies with a ready access to test, experiment, and prototype their technologies across Future Group’s brand and retail platforms
  5. Mahindra & IBM are collaborating on developing a BCT enabled supply chain solution. It will enable all parties involved in the transaction to act on the same shared ledger, with each party updating only its part of the process, ensuring efficiency, consistency, trust and transparency, while safeguarding sensitive information.
  6. A BCT institute was launched by AP Chief Minister on last December to train candidates on this new technology. Six companies are participating to help develop & train candidates
  7. Following on the footsteps of AP, Kerala also now hosts its own ‘Blockchain Academy’, primarily supported by IIITM-K with support from BEN- Blockchain Education Network.
  8. Startups such as SimplyFi and Snapper Technologies are assisting the AP government as well.

The key driver seems to be combination of efficiency, transparency & security which BCT may provide for effective e-governance. IT advisor to AP Government, Mr. JA Chowdary, summed it up in one of his statement “All our sensitive data is in digital format. With blockchain, even if someone hacks, our data will be safe”






IIITM-K to Initiate First Blockchain Technology Academy in Kerala


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