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FS Daily Bytes: 25th August


  1. India’s trade deficit with China in 2015-16 swelled to USD 52.68 billion, which according to Indian officials has become unsustainable
  2. Right to privacy ruling has got GoI in toes to ensure that Aadhaar program is properly ring fenced and that collection of biometric etc under Aadhaar is not regarded as violation of privacy
  3. A new report suggests that mobile wallet transactions may touch 32 lakh Cr INR by 2022
  4. National Insurance CMD has confirmed launch of IPO by March 2018
  5. A report by UBS Securities expects FDI inflows to India to rise to 2.5% of GDP over next 5 years, helped by economic growth & structural reforms


  1. Simplifying the Volcker rule seems to be on the agenda of Fed Chairman Janet Yellen
  2. A new book ‘Shadow Banking and The Rise of Capitalism in China’ illustrates the extent of shadow financing in China and probably tacit approval of the government there so that while debts in formal banks are constrained, customer is allowed to be leveraged for raising funds.
  3. Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester believes that Fed should continue on its path of monetary policy tightening considering that Fed needs to be forward looking while deciding on policy

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