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The Curious State of Indian States! Part-2

In our first article, we showcased performance variation across different states. For that, we considered holistic combination of economic development and the social development. In the 2nd part, we are going a step ahead and comparing the infrastructure development for these states. Here, we consider two indicators, Power coverage (per capita availability of power) and National Highway coverage (National Highway KM per sq Km of state). We believe power availability empowers general citizen of the country both in terms of commercial and personal usage while highway coverage indicates the degree of connectivity.

Interesting to note is that Goa stands out here again, taking the top spot. Uttarakhand, the one with the question mark in our last evaluation, does better here. The North East states again ends up majorly at the bottom right corner, indicating lack of empowerment. West Bengal, Jharkand, Arunanchal Pradesh ends up at the bottom pit.


Sate wise per capita power availability (Kw-H) was sourced from RBI Handbook of Statistics of Indian States for 2018 released recently (can be found in RBI website)

National Highway in KM was sourced from the same RBI Handbook

State wise area was sourced from https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/what-are-the-states-of-india.html

The split between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh was done based on data provided in https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/andhra-pradesh-and-telangana-to-split-assets-in-5842-ratio/articleshow/53532831.cms

All the states were ranked based on their absolute values. For Highway coverage, we divided the KM of highway by State area and then sorted it from highest to lowest.

The relative position of each states in the boxes is based on the absolute values that each state carried.

How do you find your state in this comparison? Does this hold a surprise? Tell us by mailing at randomwalksin@gmail.com


1st image: National Highway Coverage

2nd image: Per capita availability of power (KW-h)

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