About Randomwalks

Randowmwalks is a personal blog of a keen observer of Indian banking & financial services system.  I am a learner and for me sharing knowledge is the biggest way of learning.

I have spent significant years in various roles working with multiple players in Indian financial services sector. I have been fortunate to see both the business and the emerging technology from a certain distance.

This blog is a humble attempt to create a platform for sharing & creating knowledge in the Indian financial services domain. I will look forward to interesting articles from any contributor in this field to enhance this platform.

To ask any question, pls. submit the same under “Have A Question?” under “Discussion” or simply create a new topic under the “Discussion” forum.

The word randomwalks is coined from the ‘random walk’ economics theory well known for its deliberation on stock market predictability. The essence is randomness and I have tried to keep that essence as central to this platform. But there is always ‘a method to madness’! Happy Reading & Happy Sharing!

Feel free to reach us at randomwalks@randomwalks.in