How do I add my Audra number to my bank account?

Ask QuestionCategory: General EconomyHow do I add my Audra number to my bank account?
Sawhney asked 3 years ago

You need to link your Aadhaar card number with your bank account. This can be done in a simple and five minutes. Please visit your bank account and view the request to link above.All banks are now based on basic banking platforms, so the Bank has provided various menus for such jobs. Your account is your AADHAR card number when you provide bank details.

Such information will be stored along with other details on the banks system. Banks and the Reserve Bank of India have advised banks to prioritize the AADHAR card number.
Aadhaar Bank Banking Seed Form to be filled with Internet Banking Bank for claiming to link your bank account and Aadhar cards. Download Aadhaar Seed Form from your Bank website or visit the Bank. If you have downloaded the form from the website of the bank, fill it with the required information and submit your bank account.

Bank details check your details, refresh your information at the bank’s database and attach the attachment to your account. However, if you do not use online banking activity on your bank account, you can go to your bank branch and complete it by filling out the Internet Banking Form.CLICK HERE : apply pan card online

If the mobile number is not registered or the account is already linked to the account, SBI According to the website, an SMS will be sent to you.
SBI If your mobile number is registered, the sms request will be received by the SMS confirmation user.

The auditor number will be verified by the bank with the UIDAI. If the verification fails, STI The branch will be sent to the SMS customer to communicate with the Adhihar Number.You can join your bank account by Internet banking. Submit a copy of the Aadhaar publisher to your branch office.